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I started in the travel industry almost a decade ago and I haven’t looked back. I get great satisfaction talking with my clients about planning their amazing trips, though the ultimate satisfaction is when my clients return and share those amazing experiences with me.  Knowing I have been an integral part of making those memories is the best feeling in the world.

I have a degree in business from Nottingham Trent University (UK) and I have obtained a level 3 NZQA Certificate for Travel and Tourism in New Zealand. Furthermore, I am an active member of Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) and have completed specialist courses for various travel suppliers for example; Globus family of brands and The Travel Corporation (TTC), who own 30 travel brands including tour operators, hotels and transportation companies to name a few.

Although I have the theory, my true knowledge comes from years of curating memorable holidays and magical experiences for my clients. Some of my greatest learnings come from my extensive travel repertoire, having travelled to 5 of our 7 wonderful continents and many countries within them. Africa and Antarctica are the last two for me to experience and they are both certainly high on my list! - having said that, it hasn’t stopped me from sending my clients there with fantastic results.

I have managed teams of travel professionals in street front retail stores, and more recently been a team member of a small multi-award winning travel team in New Zealand. I am now dedicated to running a successful travel business of my own in partnership with Travel Partners Australia.

I welcome you to join my ever expanding travel family and look forward to becoming your personal travel professional.


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